How to Organize Your Tool Chest

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If you own a house, you most likely have tools somewhere. Whether you have a hammer, a screwdriver or even a wrench, you will eventually use them at some point. So, where does one put these tools? While you can place them anywhere, most homeowners use a tool chest. And when you have one of the chests, you need to know how to situate your tools. Keep scrolling to learn how to organize your tool chest. 

Why Do You Need a Tool Chest?

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Tools are important things that every homeowner needs. You never know when a hammer or a screwdriver will come in handy. While you can lay these items out, you are risking a few things. First, the main aspect you are risking is not knowing where you placed the tool. The second thing you are risking is letting your tools rust. If your tools have exposure to too much oxygen and moisture, rust begins to form. When your tools rust, they will eventually become unusable. The best way to avoid these two risks is to keep all your tools in a tool chest. 

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Why Organize Your Tool Chest?

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While you do not have to organize your tool chest, it will make your life way easier. Have you ever struggled with finding the right tool to use? Have you had to dig around and toss things out until you find what you need? Or worse, did you never find the piece? The best way to avoid any of these situations is to organize your tool chest. While we all have different definitions of organization, we have some key steps for you to follow below.

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What are the Steps in Organizing a Tool Chest?

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Now it is time to get into the nitty-gritty — the steps in organizing your tool chest. 

1. Sort All of Your Tools

The first step you need to take is to sort out all of your tools. Place the same brands together. Place the same tools together. Place the same size together. Or even, place the same colors together. Go with an organization solution that speaks to you. Once your sort everything, it is time to make some decisions.

2. Make Some Decisions

Now comes the hardest part of organizing — deciding on what stays and what goes. Once you have the items sorted out, it is time to see how many of the same tools you have. Do you really need five hammers? Do you need to have those old, rusty tools? Are you really going to use that broken screwdriver again? Instead, toss out any rusty or broken tools, and donate any extra ones. It’s good to have a few spares, but you do not need more than two or three of each item. 

3. Decide on a Storage Location

You have narrowed your tools down, so now it is time to decide on a storage location. Typically, you want the tools to be in an area that you have easy access to. You never want to have to tip-toe or squeeze around items to get to your tool chest. Instead, you need to decide on the perfect storage location. We recommend a place that is away from sunlight and moisture and that is easily accessible. Small tool containers are great for cabinets or tables, while larger chests need space on the ground. 

4. Choose Your Tools Chest or Storage Container

Once you have your location, the next step is to choose your tools chest or storage container. You want something that will hold all your tools. Out in today’s market, there are a ton of chests and containers that can hold all your tools. 

So which one is right for you? It all depends on the number of tools you have and how much storage space you have. If you only have a few tools, a tool bag or box is sufficient. If you have a good number of tools, then you may want to consider a metal chest, pegboard or tool closet. You can find any of these storage options at your local home improvement store or even online. We recommend measuring and counting your tools before finding the right container. 

5. Put It All Together to Create the Best Tool Chest Organization Ever

The last thing you need is to put it all together to create the best tool chest organization ever. Placing your tools in their container may take the most time since you are trying to put everything in its rightful place. But once you get it there, it will be satisfying. Plus, you will never have any issues finding the tool you need to use again.

By following these steps, you will properly organize your tools chest. Do you enjoy reading about things you can do in and around the house? Then, you need to subscribe to our blog today.

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