How To Store An Extension Ladder In Your Garage

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In your garage, you are most likely storing many different things in there. From tools and car supplies to old toys and clothes, your garage becomes that one place in your home to hold everything that you are not using. Plus, many homes have access to their attics through the garage. With this garage attic entrance, some properties do not come with a way in — that is where an extension ladder comes to play.

So what is an extension ladder? An extension ladder is a ladder that has two adjustable sections that operate with brackets. These ladders do not support themselves and require a stable or solid foundation like a wall or tree to help keep it up. Since these ladders are bulky and take up much room, you are going to need to have the proper way to store them. In this guide, you will learn how to store an extension ladder in your garage. 

What are my garage ladder storage options?

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Luckily, there are a few different garage ladder storage options you can go with. To understand what works best for your home, evaluate what your garage space can handle. For example, if you have no wall space, but your ceiling is free, then you are going to want to store it up there and vice versa. 

1. Store the ladder using strong, wide hooks installed into studs

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If you have space on your walls, you can easily store an extension ladder by installing strong, wide hooks into the studs. You are going to want to install it into the studs because it gives the hooks more strength and stability. Installing the storage space into the drywall can cause the ladder and hooks to fall, resulting in holes and damages to your wall. 

2. Store the ladder on a pulley that carries it to the garage ceiling

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A neat way to store an extension ladder in your garage is with a pulley system that lifts it to the ceiling. You just hook the ladder onto the system and then pull it up to the ceiling. Once it is at its destination, you will want to make sure it is secure and does not fall. 

3. Store the ladder on a fixed ceiling rack

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Some garages come equipped with ceiling racks to hold things. These racks hold heavy items or equipment like ladders, kayaks and boxes. Therefore, you can slide your extension ladder into a fixed ceiling rack for safekeeping. An important note to remember is that you may want two or more people helping you lift this ladder. You never want to lift things that are exceptionally heavier and taller than you. 

4. Hang the ladder on a Slatwall hook

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A Slatwall hook looks like a peg that you may find on a pegboard. Instead of it being small and only holding up to five pounds, Slatwall hooks are larger and can withstand about twenty pounds per hook. Since extension ladders are heavy, Slatwall hooks are the perfect way to store a ladder against a wall. 

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How do you store garage ladders properly?

Now that you know about the different storage options that you have, it is time to learn how to properly store your garage ladder. The utmost important thing you want to remember when it comes to storing an extension ladder is safety. You want the area to be secure and stable. If the ladder falls, it can not only damage the items in your garage but also harm people if they are in the way. Therefore, no matter what storage option you choose above, you need to ensure that it is properly installed and secured on the foundation it sits on. For example, if you are using a wall, make sure that it is on a stud instead of the drywall. We recommend hiring a handyman or carpenter to install any storage options to make sure that everything works and is safe. 

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How do you store a ladder outside?

Do you not have any space inside your garage or house? Then, the only other option you have is to store the ladder outside. While most experts do not recommend keeping ladders outside because they can rust, rot or get damaged over time, you can carefully store them outside. The best way to keep any ladder outside is around a shaded area. For example, if you have a covered porch or shed, you will want to store it there. You can leave it out in the open, but we recommend having some type of covering like a tarp to protect it from the sun, weather and animals. 

Now that you know how to store an extension ladder in your garage, you can freely enjoy the extra space you have. Do you like reading helpful articles? Then, do not forget to subscribe to our blog or newsletter to always stay in the know.

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