7 Best Garage Ventilation Ideas And Other Ways To Cool Your Garage

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Garage ventilation is super important for both the health of your car, but also so you don’t suffocate yourself with carbon monoxide. It may seem like a negligible topic for most people, but if you plan on spending any considerable amount of time in your garage working on cars or other projects, then you should learn about garage ventilation ideas. 

Garages are normally are made to just store objects that you rarely use or park your car, however if you do plan on spending any time in your garage that exceeds a couple hours then you will need to consider installing at least some type of ventilation. Carbon dioxide, chemical compounds and even cleaning solvents can cause health problems such as nausea, fatigue, headaches etc. and can even render a person unconscious without ventilation to bring in fresh air.

These toxins which you wouldn’t normally think about; but they can kill you in a small amount of time if ventilation isn’t adequate enough to support your garage activities. 

Not having proper ventilation can also be detrimental to your tools and garage objects since they will all start corroding from being exposed to moisture. For example, if you don’t have good ventilation then a moisture-rich environment is ideal for rusting. 

So why deal with something like that when there is so much information out there about proper garage ventilation? 

Easy to do Garage Ventilation Ideas

Here are some basic garage ventilation ideas that are pretty simple to do if you have the right tools, materials and skills or even handyman for hire. 

1) Install Windows

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The simplest of ideas and one that requires least amount of thinking and no consistent supply of electricity. The basic idea is to install a window that has the capability of opening either manually or automatically. You can even choose to install a window on your garage door to get some cross ventilation going. 

However, most garages are attached to the house and don’t have space to open a window.

Pros: Easy to install, not too expensive, good for getting fresh air in during the day and no need for electricity all the time. 

Cons: Noise pollution from outside and may not be safe as it may act as an access point for thieves. 

2) Window Fan

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If you already have a window in your garage then you are in luck because installing a window fan is easy. Just get the right size fan and place it in the window sill or door so that it sucks in fresh air from outside or place it on a table and let it sit in front of an open window or door.

Pros: Almost no installation needed and fairly inexpensive as well. 

Cons: Noisy, may not be powerful enough for large garages and will need an electric socket connection. 

3) Roof Turbine Vents

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A little more elaborate however, not that difficult to do, a roof turbine vent is a great way to add some ventilation to your garage. These vents are usually cylindrical in shape with blades on one side for rotation when the fans turn on. When they start up it creates an updraft and sucks in air from inside the garage and allowing the toxic gasses to be vented out.

Pros: Safe and very effective, can run on wind, easy enough to install if your garage isn’t under your house.

Cons: May not be able operate if not enough wind and might not be able to suck up heavier than air gases. 

4) Static Vents

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A viable alternative option to roof turbines are static vents that you place on the walls of your garage. You will need at least two on either side for cross ventilation to work effectively. Keep in mind to have them installed slanted in case rainwater comes your way.

Pros: Easy to install, effective, low cost.

Cons: Not very effective if garage is full as it requires cross ventilation. 

5) Exhaust Fans

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Another excellent way of ventilating your garage is using good old fashioned exhaust fans and let them do the work for you. They will suck the air from your garage and expel them into the outside. It is a surefire way to keep your garage well ventilated. 

Pros: Can be quite powerful, doesn’t need too much installation if you have an outlet. Can even expel moisture and smell if set up right. 

Cons: More expensive than most other options, noisy and needs electricity to run.  

6) Floor Fans

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Similar to pedestal fans, except that it sucks in air from the bottom and expels them from the top. A floor fan is a great way to distribute air around your garage and provide some good ventilation all round. 

Pros: Can be placed almost anywhere and fairly inexpensive as well.

Cons: Noisy, needs cleaning if used regularly and will just circulate the smelly fumes without an open door or window.

7) Wall Fans

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Similar to window fans, except that they are placed vertically on a wall. These fans will suck up air from one side and push it out on the other. However, more useful at providing cooling rather than ventilation.

Pros: Cheap enough and can be placed on any wall of your garage.

Cons: Not effective for ventilating a garage and just circulate fumes around without an open window or door. 

Other Ways to Keep Your Garage Cool

Ventilation is indeed important but it is also important to keep your garage cool. The following are ways to keep your garage cool:

Use Concrete or stone pavement for your garage floor

Concrete and stone are naturally cooler at room temperatures. Ensure that your garage floor is not insulated with anything like carpet or vinyl. This way, you will get some of the natural coolness from the concrete or stone due to conduction. 

Install a man door

A man door is one that is only big enough for people to pass through, not cars. If you do have a car space in your garage, consider having the adjacent wall as the man door. This will allow hot air from inside your home to better flow out through the open door. 

Insulated window on your garage door

Insulating your garage door window will help to reduce heat transfer from outside. 

Non-insulated garage doors

If you are using your garage mainly in summer, consider having an insulated garage door that will keep out most of the heat and retain some cool air in your garage instead. 

Paint the Garage Door to a Lighter Color

By having a lighter color for the garage door, the paint will reflect light and heat away from the door. You can consider a light-colored reflective paint, but it might be more economical to have the surface professionally painted with a light glossy color. 

Install an Air Conditioner to

Obvious yet effective. Installing an air conditioner inside the garage will help keep your car cool and comfortable. Just be sure to get the correct size unit for your garage. 

Seal Any Gaps in Your Garage

This is something that you have to have done professionally, but it will definitely pay off in the long run and provide you with a cool garage. 

Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will help to remove excess moisture in the air and make your garage a lot more comfortable.

Remove Clutter

Make sure that your garage is tidy and well organized. This way, there won’t be any clutter or junk that will trap the hot air inside. In addition, clearing out things like tools and other equipment that absorb heat can also help to reduce heat build-up during hot months.

Benefits Of Having A Great Garage Ventilation System

1. Cool garage when it’s hot

2. Great Air Circulation

3. Removes fumes & odors

4. Reduces condensation 


With all these ventilation options and ways to keep your garage cool, it’s easy to see why having a great ventilation system is important. Not only does it provide for better air circulation but it also helps to reduce gases and fumes from building up. This way, you can go out there and do some work on your car without feeling drowsy or nauseous because of the fumes. All in all, a good ventilation system will provide you with many benefits as well as added protection so that nothing stops you from working on your car and projects when needed.

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