7 Cool Halloween Garage Ideas That You Should Try

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Ready for Halloween, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Garages are the perfect place for spooky ghouls and ghoulish goblins. We have the perfect list below containing 7 Halloween garage ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Scary and Fun Halloween Garage Ideas

1. Cover the Garage Door in Spiders and Webs

You can make this happen in just a few simple steps. First, you need to gather up some spiders and webs; not real ones, thank you very much. You can easily find spider and web printables or stencils from the store, ranging in size from small to large. Next, cover your garage door with the creepy printables. You can really get creative with this by using different sized spiders and webs, or even mixing in some bats with it. Just make sure to measure your garage door before you start purchasing any decal or printable material. If you wish, you may also include a scary message or phrase to the overall design. Finally, turn the lights off and watch as your garage door becomes a spooky focal point!

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2. Scary Talking Decoration 

Motion sensing decorations are a huge hit in the Halloween world because they add shock value to your overall display. If you’re looking for a frightening sight this year, this garage idea is for you! All you need to do is purchase a motion activating decoration item of your choice, like a ghost or witch for example, and place it inside or outside your garage. Then connect it to an audio recording device, such as a Bluetooth speaker. Play an audio recording of a witch cackling, for example. This will definitely give both the kids, and the adults a scare!

However if you don’t want to buy that precise type of decoration, remember that the garage door itself also moves up and down when activated, which means you can use that feature to create the illusion of a giant monster opening and closing its mouth. DIY your very own monster with cardboard, paint, and maybe some extra materials you have lying around the house. You’ll definitely need a good speaker, ladder and helper for this one.

3. Use Spooky Shadow Art

To make this Halloween garage idea, you can either use a projector; or some stencils of ghosts, bats, zombie limbs and any other spooky shaped images that could be used to cast a shadow. You can either draw and cut the images yourself or use any other decoration piece of this.

If you have a window in your garage, you can stick the images on it and use the natural light of the moon to create an eerie look; if not, you can also place the shapes somewhere discreet and add some sort of artificial light behind them in order to display the spooky castings on the opposite wall. In addition, you may even use a fog machine to give it a more mystifying feel.

4. Turn your Garage into a Graveyard

Graveyards leave you with an unsettling feeling even during broad daylight, when night falls; they get even worse. To create this Halloween garage idea, start by covering your floor with a dark material, this can be done with paint or a tarp. Next, add in some stones and wood pieces to create the tombstones. If you have a workbench, you can decorate it to look like a grave. If not, you can create your own makeshift tomb out of cardboard. For some extra touch, you can use paint or chalk on the tombstones to write chilling messages and place fake spider webs around the work area as well. Add a FAKE dead body on top to spice things up!

5. Backlight Decorations

There are alot of different coloured backlights in the market. With some basic knowledge on wiring, you can utilize these to backlight your decorations for a spooky ambiance. Not only do these help make your decoration more visible in the darkness but also enhances the supernatural ghostly feeling that you are trying to achieve. Orange and green coloured lights are popularly used for many spooky decorations and can easily be purchased at any hardware store.

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6. Jack-o’-lanterns

These are another staple in the Halloween world. This scary carving of pumpkin has a long history of use for spooky decorations. They had originally been used as a way to ward off spirits and demons. However, they are now mainly used as a fun halloween decor item.

If you wish to buy one instead of creating one yourself, there are hundreds of styles and designs available on the market today. You can light up these pumpkins with some tea lights to make them glow, or you can use some Jack-o’-lantern flicker lights that are available in most stores during this time of year. Make sure you place these in a visible area so they can really pop!

7. Make an Alleyway Scary

You can also make a narrow creepy alleyway in your garage. For this you’ll have to create some walls by hanging dark plastic or cloth sheets on either side of your makeshift alley. This will help create the false idea of a dark alley that is frequently used in horror movies and TV shows. This Halloween garage idea can be spooky and somewhat fun. You can really play around and experiment with this idea.

Place spider webs along the walls to add to the mood and have some lighting effects in the corner or behind one of the walls, to pass the light through the fabric. This effect can be achieved by using some fairy lights or Christmas lights.

You can even try adding some scary characters in the alleyway, this can be done by using mannequins. Perhaps add some motion sensored Halloween decorations or Halloween props that get activated when someone walks into the alley way. Of Course don’t forget to incorporate some spooky sound effects.

Final touches may include fog in the area or an old radio to play some spooky music.


Time to get creative and use these ideas to create your very own Halloween garage display. There are many things that you can add to these displays. Hanging some cobwebs from the ceiling, using rope to hang a few skeletons or bloody limbs, adding some fog or using some strobe lights to create some neat effects. There are many different visual items you can use to make your garage look super spooky and scary for this Halloween season.

Even if you’re not the best artist, it’s okay! All you need is a little creativity and imagination to create a unique scene. There are many various items in the market that you can use to create your own personalised display. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the spooky period of Halloween!

Hope this article was helpful. Please feel free to drop a line or add some suggestions below in the comment section if you want!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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