22 Best Slatwall Garage Ideas That You Should Try

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Unlike the rest of your house, garages don’t need to be pretty or fancy. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to be drab and dull. In fact, garages can be functional, organized and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time. Here are some slatwall ideas that are the perfect solution to maximize space and function while also having a clean looking and orderly garage.

22 Slatwall Garage Ideas

1. Install Smaller Organizers

While slatwalls prove to be extremely beneficial for placing large items to double the storage space, consider making a designated space for smaller items on it as well. Adding small organizers will help keep your tiny items such as tools and accessories in an efficient way, where you have easy access to them, while also preventing them from getting lost among any other larger items.

2. Set Up the Shelves You Need

Slatwalls are very versatile and provide the opportunity to easily create rows of shelves for storage that would otherwise require extra construction. This is an excellent way to store items of various sizes in a space with limited area. Not only is it easy to install shelves in slatwalls in the first place, but it is also easy to modify the original design if changes are needed later on.

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3. Build an Athletic Area

Granted this idea isn’t very clean or neat but it is definitely a great use of space for any sports enthusiast. With slatwalls you can easily transform your garage into a haven for any activity that requires equipment. You may use racks, shelves or even pegs to hang up anything that needs to be kept off the ground.

4. Install a Wall Garden

Panelized gardens are becoming very popular because of their ability to be easily installed and removed without too much hassle, but their fame is especially due to the significant amount of extra space they can provide. For those who don’t have a yard or just simply want to add some greenery to their garage, utilising slatwall for this purpose is a great option. If your garage has a window that allows sunlight to enter inside, you may use real plants; though if that isn’t the case, you may also add artificial plants to spruce up the area.

5. Adding Label 

This is a practical way to keep your slatwall organized. If you have a large number of items it may become difficult to remember where everything is. So attaching stickers or labels to the wall which indicate what belongs in each location will make it much easier when looking for items.

6. Color Coding

This is a fun way to add color to your garage while at the same time keeping things organized. You can color code everything from the pegboard to the shelves and even add colored baskets to keep smaller items separated. Simply buying colored organizational items, painting items or even using different colored tape on them will do the trick.

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7. Add Light Path to Your Storage Area

If your garage isn’t well lit and you feel that the light doesn’t reach all of your stored items in the corners, then you need to fix it. Adding some light paths with either LED strips or some lamps to the slatwall will definitely be worth the effort and help you find and see things easier.

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8. Create a Hidden Workspace

Now, this is a great idea that will be one of the most functional slatwall projects you’ll ever come across. It is incredibly practical and perfect for car lovers and DIY enthusiasts. With a pull-out desk, this workspace will make your life much simpler by providing a dedicated spot for your DIY projects, car work or just everyday activities you may need space and time alone in your garage for.

9. Design a Garage Mudroom

Another great idea for storage that can be used by your family members or visitors. This design allows them to store, in your garage, their shoes, bags, coats or anything they may not need to bring inside your house. You can add hooks or even a rack to accomplish this task and avoid having to deal with your garage floor getting cluttered with their stuff.

10. Use Magnets

Simply add some magnetic boards to your slatwall and attach anything that can be held by a magnet to it, this is a practical way to keep your metal items off the floor and also provides quick access to them.

11. Single hook

A minimalistic yet functional option for adding storage to your slatwall. A single hook will make it very easy to hang and remove items. The best thing is that they don’t even take up significant space giving you the option to easily install several for better organization.

12. Double hook

While the single hook is great for small item storage the double hook will allow you to hang bigger and heavier items that the former may not be able to accommodate.

13. Deep utility hook

This option will fit both small and heavy items so it’s perfect for every scenario. The deep utility hook is typically designed to be durable and versatile, with often being readjustable, anti-slip and available with different installation options to choose from; making it a great option for many garage uses.

14. Industrial hook

Although the deep utility hook may be used to mount medium sized items such as hoses, rakes with a significant amount of weight, an industrial hook is specifically made to hold very heavy items and should be used for that purpose. It’s a very strong option with a large base to ensure stability and hold big items in place such as shovels, tires, pieces of wood and large ladders.

15. Vertical bike hook

A very functional and adjustable option for those who like to keep their bikes out of the way. These hooks or hangers allow you to vertically secure your bike or cycle off the ground and will take up minimal space. Typically made of anti-slip material from the outside such as rubber, it is used by hooking the front wheel of the bike to it in order for the cycle to be held in place.

16. Horizontal bike hook

As opposed to the vertical bike hook, this will allow you to hold your bike horizontally against the slatwall and is typically a neater way to store it. Similar to vertical bike hooks these are also generally anti-slip though instead of one hook these hooks are supposed to be used in pairs.

17. Golf rack

If you are a golf fanatic with many clubs in your garage, you might be looking for ways to organize them. You can easily hang or mount your golf clubs on a rack of the slatwall and have your clubs on display where they’re easily accessible.

18. Fishing rod rack

Storing your fishing rod properly will ensure it doesn’t get damaged when not in use. With a fishing rod rack, you can easily mount your fishing rods on the slatwall for easy access to it. A rack on average will offer space to store 4 fishing rods separately in an upright position.

19. Ball rack

You really do not want balls to be rolling all over the place. Attach a ball rack to prevent that from happening. These racks can be used for many different sports balls and come in various different styles. Some can only hold one ball on display while some can accommodate up to 4 or more.

20. Deep mesh basket

The deep mesh basket offers alot of storage space and is extremely easy to install and remove. It is especially great for storing balls, shoes and any other accessories that will fit.

21. Screwdriver holder

This type of slatwall accessory clips over the slatboards to provide quick and easy access to your screwdrivers, wrenches or other smaller tools. They’re usually made of durable plastic or metal and can fit many different types of screwdrivers. They are available in the market in numerous different styles and designs with some mounting on the holder and others clipping over it.

22. Basket

Depending on your needs, you might need a slatwall basket. Slatwall basket comes in various materials and sizes. They can be used for several different functions.


The right combination of accessories can enhance the beauty and utility of your garage while still ensuring that everything has its place. Use the ideas suggested above to come up with a system that works for you and your garage.

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