How much does it Cost to Replace a Master Cylinder

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The transmission system has a lot of components that work together to allow an automobile to run; however, this equally means that there are a lot of components that can make the system fail and prevent your car from running smoothly. Learn how much does it cost to replace a master cylinder.

Your transmission system has three main parts: the engine, the transmission, and the clutch. The last on this list is usually called more commonly “the slave cylinder”. This component of your transmission helps you to disengage the gears inside the manual transmission such as the first gear or reverse gear.

All are very important and one of those parts is the master cylinder. Other than keeping the driving force moving forward, another function of this part is to apply pressure on other components so there would be a smooth transfer of power from the engine to the wheels.

What is The Function of a Clutch Master Cylinder?

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Other than the clutch pedal, a master cylinder is also used by the braking system and serves as a pump with the same concept for fluids such as brake fluid. It has two chambers separated by a disc or plunger. The output chamber pushes brake fluid into two auxiliary piston cylinders connected to each wheel assembly while the input chamber pulls in fluid from both primary and auxiliary side ports. This allows it to compress brake fluid and apply pressure on other components such as brake pads and pistons when drivers step on their brake pedals. 

In a clutch system, a master cylinder provides pressure on the fluid inside a single-piston cylinder. This helps disengage the gears from each other to move your car forward and backward.

They both play a vital role in your vehicle’s performance. If a master cylinder fails, it can cause you not to be able to stop the car or disengage gears which will only result in accidents and other serious damages so this is why owners must regularly maintain their car’s components such as by replacing them on time if faulty. 

Average Master Cylinder Replacement Cost

When discussing the cost of replacing a master cylinder, the most common problem with this is that there can be various factors that will determine how much it will cost to replace it. In general, owners must spend an average of around $400 to $500 in order for them to get a new one and have their clutch system fixed

However, you may need to pay more or less depending on several factors such as the type of car you have, the brand of the replacement part, and labor costs. 

For the part itself, the average cost of a master cylinder costs around $255 per unit. However, it is important to note that most make and models have different prices for this part. For instance, some brands only charge an average of $215 while others can go up to as much as $420. 

On top of all these factors, another factor that you should keep in mind is that labor costs are usually around the same price range or even more expensive depending on where you are having your car serviced. On average, they charge between $130 to as high as $200 per hour for labor costs with an estimated average labor time of between 1 to 2 hours.

This can bring your total average cost to as much as $800 up to as low as $300.

7 Common Symptoms Of A Bad Brake Master Cylinder

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The following are some simple facts owners need to know about their brake master cylinder:

1.) Warning Light Illuminates

One of the most obvious signs that your brakes need a repair is if you notice that your car’s warning lights have turned on.

2.) Brake fluid leak

If you notice that there is a puddle of brake fluid underneath your car, this may be an indication that your master cylinder has started to fail so it better get it checked at once.

3.) Pulsing or low brake pedal

If you feel that your brake pedal is pulsating or it feels as though there is something wrong with your brakes, this is another indicator that your brake master cylinder needs to be replaced.

4.) Low Fluid

There will be a low amount of fluid in your master cylinder if it has become faulty. 

5.) Sinking clutch pedal

If you notice your clutch pedal sinking instead of returning to its original position, this may also be an indicator that you will need to replace your master cylinder.

6.) Faulty brakes

If your car is having a hard time stopping, this means that you have faulty brakes and it’s best that you get your master cylinder checked right away.

7.) Uneven brake pad wear

During service inspections, technicians can determine if there is anything wrong with your master cylinder by checking the brake pad thickness. If they find that one side has worn down more than the other, they may ask you to have your master cylinder checked.

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When Should You Replace Your Master Cylinder?

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For the question ” When should you replace your master cylinder? “, there are several factors that may indicate that this part needs to be replaced.

For instance, if you have driven about 20,000 miles or more on it, this may mean that it is time for its scheduled replacement. 

This also includes having issues with brake fluid leakage or abnormal noises coming from the brakes while braking. Overall, any of these indicators will indicate that you need to get a new master cylinder so keep in mind to get one as soon as possible if ever you find out the need to do so. 

Delaying to do so may result in having an accident due to faulty brakes or transmission.


In conclusion, when it comes to costs, you should expect to pay around $400 to $500 in order for them to get a new one and have their master cylinder changed. This also depends on the type of car that you have and where you decide to get your replacement part from. 

You should also install an even number of new brake pads when replacing your master cylinder because uneven wear will affect brake fluid pressure.

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