12 Ideas in Creating your Dream Workshop

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Garages hold nearly infinite possibilities. They act as a blank canvas to fit whatever purpose they need to. One of the most common uses of a garage beyond storage is that of a workshop space.

Each workshop will include different kinds of equipment depending on the needs of the owner. However, there are some ideas that can turn an ordinary garage into the ideal dream workshop.

12 Ideas for your Dream Workshop

1. Organization and Safety

Before you begin turning your garage into a perfect workshop, you need to consider its layout with an emphasis on safety. Consider proper ventilation, emergency exits and structural support. 

Think about how  much space you have to use without it becoming crowded and dangerous. Try not to block any exits with equipment.

2. Workbench

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Every good workshop needs a workbench. Choose one that comes up a little bit above your waist. You can build one yourself or purchase a pre-fabricated workbench. 

A workbench needs a solid surface capable of withstanding heavy use without deteriorating. You also need to make sure it will keep steady and never fall over. You can attach cabinets, racks and shelves to your workbench and fully customize it to your needs. 

3. Proper Lighting

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A dark garage hinders productivity and poses a danger. Make sure you keep your garage well lit, especially the area by your workbench or where you will work the most.

Ideally, you should light your entire garage with overhead lights. Lamps will provide light but also take up precious space. You can pick whatever bulbs you like, so long as your garage has adequate power.

4. Power Outlets

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Speaking of adequate power, you should install power outlets in abundance and in convenient places. You never want to run out of power outlets for various functions such as work or personal equipment. 

Anyone without the right electrical skills should play it safe and hire an electrician. In general, the more outlets the better, just be prepared for a larger bill. 


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) turns a dingy, stuffy space into a comfortable place to work in. A garage without proper heating and cooling hinders your productivity and keeps you from enjoying it. 

In some cases, portable heaters and air conditioners might work fine. But your garage should incorporate a proper ventilation system for both safety and comfort.

6. Tools

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Outfit your workbench with all the proper tools. Start with the basics, such as wrench and socket sets, hammers, screwdrivers, etc., and gradually expand into more niche tools. A workshop fully stocked with all the right tools maximizes its use and function.

For whatever purpose you intend to use your workshop for, you should stock it with the adequate tools. Additionally, power tools and lawn care equipment can have a place in your workshop. This also includes finding the right place for everything.

7. Storage

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All of your tools and equipment need proper storage spots to keep your garage neat and organized. Your workshop will get dirty from time to time, but knowing where everything belongs will keep the work flowing.

Consider installing drawers and racks to your workbench. Additionally, you can put cabinets and shelves wherever you have space. Try to keep your most important tools stored close to your workbench for easy access.

8. Build a Higher Frame

Higher walls allow for more storage options. Put racks and shelves as high on the walls as you can for tool storage.

A high frame also allows room for a car lift. If you can afford it, a car lift can allow you to store your car while keeping it from encroaching on your workshop space. 

9. Insulated Walls

In order to really get the most out of your HVAC system, you should insulate your garages walls. This keeps your garage the proper temperature while requiring less power to maintain those temperatures. 

In the summer months, however, you absolutely need proper air conditioning to keep the insulated space from getting too hot.

10. Drive Thru

In some cases, having a drive thru garage will greatly improve its functionality. A drive thru garage has two car doors on opposite sides of the garage. This allows you to drive a car through your garage.

Before you plan out a drive thru garage, consider that you will be losing some wall space in exchange for this feature.

11. Entertainment

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While I would not recommend going overboard if you intend to keep your garage strictly work-related, small entertainment features can improve your space a lot. Music, radio and podcast lovers should install a sound system to get into a groove while they work.

You can also outfit your space with a television or gaming consoles.

12. Wall Decor

Top it off with some wall decor. Put in some neon signs, posters and pictures to give yourself a cozy and inspiring space.

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