What Color To Paint a Garage

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Looking to upgrade your garage, but have no idea what color to paint it? Well, this task isn’t like painting a regular wall inside your house. There are things to consider if you want to compliment your garage’s interior. As you read, this article will give you an idea of what color to paint a garage.

Tips for the Perfect Paint for Your Garage

Your garage is a part of your home and serves many functions. It wants a makeover like the other rooms in your house. Painting the walls and floors make it look presentable, and better overall. Before you get on to deciding a color, it’d help to prep your walls first. 

A helpful tip is to seal the cracks and seams on your wall before painting. This will prevent the cracks from showing up after the paint is dry. It’ll also make sure the coating isn’t uneven. To fill any gaps you can try using painter’s caulk. 

It’s important that you don’t miss this step. Sealing the cracks changes the look of your finished work for the better. It’ll make your walls look brand new. Once this is done, you’re ready to paint! 

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Complementing Colors

Some garages contain more than a door and floors. Most people upgrade their garages by adding cabinets or Slatwall. In this case, adding an accent color wouldn’t be such a bad idea. But you need to make sure those colors complement each other. 

Notice how I said “accent color” and not “accent colors”? This is because only one accent color is necessary. You can add a small pop of color to something like your garage door, or cabinets. Just be sure to make it a bolder shade than the color of your wall. 

If your walls are white, then add a bright solid accent color. If your walls are any other color, then make white your accent color. Give it some personality without going too crazy. Remember, it’s an accent color. 

Perfect Garage Floor Color

Picking the perfect garage floor color is just as essential as it is for the walls. Painting your garage floor can make it look cleaner while offering some floor protection. Make sure there are no cracks in the floor as well. If there are, consider getting your garage foundation repaved. 

When choosing the floor paint color, you should consider two things. Are you looking to hide certain floor stains like tire marks and dirt? If so, try painting it a darker color. If not, then go with lighter colors, as long as the paint is concrete paint.

You can also try opting for Epoxy to paint your floor instead. It’s a latex acrylic product that prevents oil stains, chipping and scuff marks. It’s very easy to use and goes on like normal paint. It even gives a shiny clean finishing look that concrete paint does not. 

Picking Wall Paint Color

When picking a wall paint color for your garage, always choose lighter colors. Lighter colors make small rooms look bigger. Darker colors trick your eyes into thinking the room is smaller than it is. Keep in mind that choosing a lighter color will reveal dirt more easily.

Neutral colors include gray, tan, brown, beige, white and ivory. These colors go with everything, so the color of your furniture shouldn’t be a problem. With these colors, try using semi-gloss paint. This makes dirt less evident.

When avoiding dark colors, it helps to know which colors are considered dark. Dark colors such as black, deep blues, dark grays or purple make the room feel claustrophobic. Most of all, choose a color that you like. This will give it a more personalized feel. 

Garage Cabinet Color

Adding color to cabinets that complement the wall paint can be visually pleasing. They can make a garage’s interior look much more appealing. Although, cabinets aren’t the only garage furniture you can paint. You can also paint workbenches, countertops and storage units.

When painting the cabinets, you should consider their color scheme and system design. What color trim works best? What about the primary door and drawer color? Think about what colors work best within your space.

Consider the items that are surrounding the cabinets. These items might be a few tools, a bike or even your vehicle. Try matching their colors to the colors of your cabinet. Having the cabinet color complement the color of the items could help it stand out more. 

Garage Door Color

The garage door shouldn’t take any attention away from your home. Make sure the color of your garage door isn’t too far off from the color of your house. But also try to avoid it being the same color as your house. Have the two complement each other.

Try not to use primary colors. You want most of the attention to at least go to your front door. Don’t let the garage door be the star of the show. White is a good option, as it is the most common color for garage doors and simple. 

Consider even using stained wood garage doors. A nice wooden garage door can add warmth to the exterior of your home. It’ll stand out in the most comforting way. Just make sure it goes with the materials and colors of your home.


More importantly, choose garage colors that you know you’ll love. It’s your garage and you’ll enter that room more times than you can count. You want to actually like what you see. Whether it’s loud bright colors or soft neutral colors. Make it your own.

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