How To Keep Birds out of Garage

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No matter where you live, birds are everywhere. They are sweet, beautiful creatures who sometimes have a tendency to fly into places they do not belong. If doors are left open, birds might fly inside malls, homes and garages. If you have a garage, chances are that you have experienced birds flying into your space from time to time. 

Thankfully, most birds are harmless and while their flying into your space can be a nuisance, they will probably not hurt you or your pets. However, for people who experience frequent bird interactions in your garage, there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening. If you want to prevent birds from flying into your garage in the future, check out this list. 

11 Different Ways To Keep Birds Off Your Garage

1. Close Doors

The most obvious thing you can do to keep birds from flying inside your garage is to close your garage doors. This can be annoying and sometimes keeping your garage doors closed all the time is not possible. When you are not using your garage, you should try to keep the doors closed as much as possible. 

2. Reflect Light

Putting reflective lights near the entrance of your garage will keep most birds away. Many birds do not like bright lights and they will fly in the opposite direction. These reflective lights can be found at your local home store or online. 

3. Use Decoys

Certain decoys will distract birds from your garage and bring them elsewhere. For example, if you keep bird food in your backyard, the birds will most likely go to that area instead of your garage. Using this decoy tactic, you will be successful in pointing the birds in a different direction. 

4. Repel with Sound

If you see birds coming towards your garage, make some loud sounds so they will fly the other way. You can clap or bang some pots together to get the message across. 

5. Avoid Storing food

Birds are attracted to food and if they find food in your garage, they will definitely come back for more. If possible, store your food somewhere else so the birds won’t have a reason to come into your garage. Also, if there is food debris in your garage from eating in there, clean it up because birds can sense food from very far away. 

6. Remove Nesting Materials

If you find a bird’s nest with no eggs in your garage, you should move it somewhere outside. If a bird has a nest in your garage, she will definitely come back time and time again. If there are eggs in the nest, you should be more careful. If a mother bird senses that a human has interfered with her eggs, she may abandon her babies. If you find a nest with eggs in it, you should call your local bird sanctuary and see what they suggest. 

7. Cover Windows

Even if you have your garage doors closed, birds still may fly through your windows and come into your garage. To prevent this from happening, when you close your garage doors, you should close your garage door windows as well. 

8. Put Up Balloons

Most birds hate balloons, so if you put some near your garage, chances are that birds will stay away. They don’t like how large and colorful they are. 

9. Pets

Birds are usually afraid of pets like dogs and cats. If you have your pets outside with you, most birds will stay away. However, some larger birds may think of your pets as prey. And if you have a bird of your own as a pet, a larger wild bird may attack her. Always be careful when you have very small pets outside and there are large wild birds around. 

10. Give them Food and Shelter

Birds will most likely stay away from your garage if they have food and shelter elsewhere. If possible, bird a bird feeder, bird bath, or bird house in your yard somewhere. The birds will be attracted to those amenities and will be less likely to be interested in your garage. 

11. Install a Screen

Installing a screen is the perfect way to keep birds out of your garage. If you like to keep your garage doors open, having a screen gives you the best of both worlds. You will be able to keep your garage doors open and the screen will keep birds, as well as bugs, out of your garage. 

Final Thoughts 

Many of us experience birds flying into our garages, and it really isn’t a big deal. With these helpful tips, you will be able to keep the birds out of your garage without harming them. 

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