How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Wheel Bearing?

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Many of you have no clue what wheel bearings are, nor what it’s purpose is. Wheel bearings play a big role in the operation of your car. They make it possible for you to drive to where you need to go. Wheel bearings help determine the type of turns you make. In fact, they greatly affect the overall movement of your vehicle. One bad wheel bearing can attract danger to you and others while driving.

Wheel bearings are often forgotten by vehicle users. It’s important to know what wheel bearings are and how they work. If your wheel bearing goes bad, you’ll need a replacement immediately. How much does it cost to replace a wheel bearing? How will I know when a wheel bearing needs replacement? Well first, let’s find out what exactly a wheel bearing is.

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What Are Wheel Bearings and How Do They Work?

The wheel bearing unit is an assortment of steel balls, or ball bearings, and connected by a metal ring. This is an essential part of your vehicle’s wheel assembly. They allow the wheels to rotate freely with little to no friction. This plays an important role in the safety of your vehicle and how it functions.

A wheel hub bearing assembly normally includes the manufactured bearings. The assembly contains all the different parts that give the wheels free rotation. The bearing is the part that manages your vehicle’s movement and weight. Without the wheel bearing, your vehicle won’t turn as freely as it should, and will be almost impossible to handle.

Over time, your wheel bearings will stop working properly. You’ll wind up replacing the bearings if you have your vehicle long enough. 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace One?

The average cost to replace a wheel bearing can range from $350-$760. The price is broken down into two costs, labor and parts. Labor costs are estimated to be about $225 to $450. Parts are usually priced from $150 to $310. The prices all depend on 4 factors: the car make, model, year and the shop you choose to get it fixed at.

To explore your pricing options, contact different companies for the best quote and top service.

The exact cost will mainly depend on the type of car you have. See below for a more precise look on the replacement costs, depending on your type of vehicle:

Vehicle Model:Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost:
Ford F-Series$402-$745
Ford Fusion$436-$577
Chevrolet Silverado$850-$1487
Honda Civic$414-$572
Honda CR-V$612-$728
Toyota Camry$402-$551
Toyota Corolla$620-$862
Honda Accord$539-$738
Nissan Altima$605-$810
Ford Focus$624-$879

When Do You Need to Replace Your Wheel Bearing?

You never want to feel unsafe in your own car. It’s good to always keep an eye or ear out for any unusual mishaps with your automobile. This can help prevent any danger to you when driving. If something is not working properly within your vehicle, look for signs of misuse. There are many signs that show your wheel bearing needs replacing.

You may start to hear unusual noises coming from your wheels. The noises can vary depending on the kind of damage. You may hear roaring, scraping, squeaking, humming, or even clicking. As your vehicle increases speed or makes a turn, the sounds may start to get louder. It’s best to pinpoint the location of the noises to identify where the worn out wheel bearings are coming from.

A damaged wheel bearing can affect the way your car handles. Your car might pull to a certain side when braking or even moving. You might notice the feel of your car to be very loose as if the wheels aren’t properly attached. Your car could also start to inactively respond to steering inputs. The intensity usually increases as vehicle speed increases.

Bad wheel bearings don’t serve their purpose for precision and start to become loose. This can cause vibrations to be transmitted when the car is in motion. You might feel these vibrations in the steering wheel, the seats, or the body. You may even notice your wheels moving around in unusual ways. This means they’ve lost their proper alignment and have uneven tire wear.

If you’ve managed to ignore all these signs then you’re in for a rude awakening. The intense friction of heat from the damaged parts can cause smoke to pour from your wheel. If you see this then contact a tow truck service immediately!

The worst it could possibly get is for the wheels to start separating from your car. This means that you’ve completely neglected your vehicle, so it had no choice but to end up this way. Good luck explaining that to the tow truck service!

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The Importance of Wheel Bearings Maintenance

Not everyone will notice the signs of a worn-out bearing right away. Now don’t panic. If you have a bad bearing and drive your vehicle, you won’t immediately get into an accident because of that. It is very possible to drive your vehicle even with a bad wheel bearing. The car can still move and function, it just won’t function properly. Also, for how long?

It is best to not drive more than 1000 miles with a bad wheel bearing, to avoid resulting in bigger issues. In this situation, it is also recommended to drive at a much slower speed. This is so that the tire can last a little longer before completely breaking down. It helps to drive only at 40mph or lower.

You may only have one worn out wheel bearing, instead of multiples. If there’s no noise or play coming from the other wheel bearings, then there’s no need to replace them. You can replace just one wheel bearing. Although, if you enjoy spending unnecessary amounts of money, then please feel free to replace them all.

If you’ve come this far, then you are now well informed. You can now point out bad wheel bearings, and get them replaced when needed. This will keep you and your vehicle in one piece!

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