How Much Does it Cost to Replace Transmission Mounts

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There are many important parts of the vehicle which deserve priority in its maintenance and repair. This is because they are essential to the vehicle’s safety, reliability and overall performance on the road. 

The transmission mounts are one of these parts that should never be overlooked or neglected for too long. Like all other vehicle parts, it will finally fail at some point but does not always need replacement. Repair can extend its life but during severe cases, replacement is still inevitable.

A transmissions mount’s job is to hold the transmission in place and isolate it from engine vibrations. Since all engines vibrate, this mount is particularly important for smooth shifting during gear changes and preserving vehicle longevity.

These parts can be replaced individually but should always be replaced together as they work in tandem with each other. Putting undue stress on one while leaving another one alone cause problems in the long run. If one of the mounts is already weak, waiting for the other to fail before replacement will not solve any issues.

How much does it cost to replace a transmission mount?

The cost to replace a transmission mount vary by part and whether they are replaced together or individually. Parts typically cost between $40 to $160 each but can be more expensive depending on the quality, brand, specific vehicle’s model year, etc. 

The overall labor costs also vary between shops as some may have special pricing for certain types of jobs. Labor time is about 30 minutes per mount so if there are three mounts, it will take approximately one hour with standard labor rates of around $75 an hour. This means the total labor cost will be around $225 or more.

These parts are relatively difficult to remove so most shops charge more than normal for removal and installation.

6 Common Bad Transmission Mount Symptoms?

There are some common telltale signs of failing mounts. Here are the most frequent ones:

Abnormal Noises Like Clunking Noise

If you hear a loud clunking noise coming from your vehicle’s transmission whenever you stop, it is likely that your mount(s) are failing. Other noises may also indicate the need for replacement. Common ones include rattling or groaning noises when accelerating or decelerating.


Another characteristic of a failing transmission mount is the feeling of the vehicle’s chassis hitting the engine or vice versa. You will first feel it on bumpy roads and accelerating from a stop. A thumping may not be as loud compared to a clunking but can still disrupt the normal fluidity of your vehicle ride.

Excessive Vibrations

Constant vibrations from the transmission is a surefire sign that something is wrong with one or all of your mounts. In some cases, the cause may only be the engine mount because it supports both your engine and transmission.

Excessive Transmission Movement

This will happen when the mounting plate and transmission mount break down and fail to hold the transmission in place. This will also cause backlash as the components move out of position while changing gears.

Chassis Flex

A dangerous sign is when the vehicle chassis flexes or bows when you accelerate or decelerate. This means that your mounts are no longer supporting the transmission properly and will eventually fail completely.

Difficulty Cornering

If you encounter difficulty cornering, it is probably the transmission mounts that are to blame. If this happens during specific turns or at certain speeds, you may want to have your car checked immediately as it can put you and other drivers in danger of crashing.

How long does it take to fix the transmission mount?

For a qualified mechanic, replacing the transmission mounts should take roughly about an hour or more. This includes time for inspection and diagnosis if necessary so it is best to have an experienced mechanic replace your mounts.

This refers to a qualified mechanic to replace three mounting points in most cars, trucks, SUVs, or crossovers. If you are taking your car in for regular maintenance or inspections, always ask about transmission mount replacement when asked about other things that need attention.

What causes a broken engine mount?

The most common cause of broken mounts outside of age and wear is from an accident, collision, impact, etc. This damages both your engine and transmission mounts that need replacing afterward because the accidents would’ve generated excessive vibrations to weaken and crumble them after time passes.

Aging and use over time also weaken your mount(s) gradually until they become fragile enough for breakage to occur with little effort by itself. Some vehicles are more susceptible than others depending on many factors but the most significant one is how you drive your car i.e., in an aggressive manner or not.

The environment also contributes to over time deterioration of your mount(s). Extreme weather conditions are the most common reason for this, especially if you are driving on roads that are constantly covered by snow and salt during the cold months of wintertime or heat waves during the summer season.

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The costs for replacing all three transmission mount points is rather expensive if done by a qualified auto mechanic. You can look into aftermarket mounts that are of high quality to save money but the durability and quality may be compromised compared to factory parts. It will cost around $200-$300 for labor plus another $60-$100 for the replacement mount(s), depending on which shop you choose.

The thing is to perfom all inspections, regular maintenance, and replacements as needed to avoid the risk of breaking down somewhere in traffic where you have little time and space to react.

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