Belt vs Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

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The main purpose of any garage door opener is the convenience it offers. There are garage door openers for various tasks, and some are more suited to certain situations than others. In order to choose the right one, you need to know the differences of each type.

A garage door opener is usually used to drive a mechanical garage door. The door is usually attached to a track, roller, or trolley. Some of the models come with a belt driven motor, while others are chain driven.

But is one garage opener really better than the other? Naturally this will depend on the use. This article will explain the various differences between belt and chain garage openers so that you can decide which is best for you. 

Read on to find out the differences between belt vs chain driven garage opener.

What Is a Belt Driven Garage Opener?

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A belt driven garage door opener is a popular option for many home and business places. It uses a belt and pulley system to raise and lower the door. Belt driven openers can typically be more expensive than chain-driven garage door openers

The belt runs over a large gear, which is attached to the motor, on the same side of the door as the opener. The belt is connected to a pulley on the door, which is attached to the trolley that moves the door up and down. It is considered ideal for single door garages. 

What Is a Chain Driven Garage Opener?

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The garage door opener is the key to life in the garage. It opens the door to our vehicles, gives us access to extra storage space, and it protects all of our belongings. The opener is mounted to the ceiling of the garage, and has a cable that runs down to the garage door. 

The cable is attached to a track at the top of the garage door. A chain connected to a drive sprocket on the opener is pulled by the motor, and the sprocket drives the chain, and the chain turns the track, which moves the garage door up and down.

The Advantages of Chain Driven Garage Openers

The main advantage of chain drive garage openers is that they’ve been around forever. They work as advertised and are a trusted process for untold garage doors. 

The price factor is another advantage, as a chain drive garage opener is very affordable and easy to find at the home improvement store.

The Advantages of Belt Driven Garage Openers

Belt driven garage openers tend to be more expensive than chain driven ones. That said, over time the purchase proves to be very economical. Because there are more parts involved, that could mean that there might be additional repair costs in the future. 

Feature Comparisons: Belt Driven vs Chain Driven Garage Opener

  1. Strength

    Chain driven garage openers are simply more stronger than belt driven ones. The chain is similar to the chain that we would use to drive a bike. 

    The chain is driven by a motor and of course can open and close the garage door. In some cases, the chain driven opener will also last longer than a belt driven one. 

    Chain openers can pull much more weight than the belt driven ones, which is why you’ll normally see them fitted to two and three door garage doors. 

  2. Noise

    Due to the nature of its design, the belt driven garage opener is generally more quiet than a chain driven one. Whereas equivalent chain-driven openers sound like a lawnmower, belt-driven openers simulate more of a car engine

    During the open operation, the belt rides on a metal pulley system. This may add to the perceived noise level because of the metal on metal contact.

    However, belt-driven openers are quieter than chain-driven openers during the closing operation because the chain slaps on the sprocket with each closing cycle making the noise.

  3. Ease of Installation

    Belt drives are known to be much easier to install than a chain opener. The ability to stretch gives the belt the ability to get around certain spaces and gears as needed. 

  4. Speed

    Belt drive openers can operate slightly faster than chain driven ones. But this is probably because of the load that’s being applied. Remember that chain driven openers are designed to lift much heavier loads than the belt drive variety. 


And there you have it. We hope you enjoyed our article about The differences between belt vs chain driven garage opener. In the end, the best garage opener for you is going to depend on what type of garage you have. 

For a single door garage, the belt system will do a wonderful job. For anything past a single door garage, go for the chain opener. It has superior strength and can last you many years with very few problems.

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