Hybrid Electric Vehicle is a vehicle that drives either with or without a combustion engine. It does not have a socket for recharging the battery. These vehicles are propelled by energy generated by an internal combustion engine.

Energy recuperated during deceleration, or downhill driving is stored (usually in a battery – capacitor, flywheel & other methods are available) and used later for either engine assist auxiliary functions or propulsion without starting the combustion engine for short distances. These vehicles do not have a socket. Therefore, they cannot be recharged from the grid.

All energy originates from the combustion engine. HEV-s can be driven on electric power for short distances without running a combustion engine.

Toyota made up the term “Self Charging Hybrid,” which is very misleading. It is just a Hybrid Electric Vehicle. It can charge from a combustion engine though doing this will use more fuel than just driving using power from the engine directly.

Examples: Toyota Prius Hybrid.

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