Clean energy

Sustainable energy is the form of energy obtained from non-exhaustible resources, such that the provision of this form of energy serves the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Technologies promoting sustainable energy include renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, wave power, geothermal energy, bioenergy, tidal power, and technologies designed to improve energy efficiency.

Costs have fallen dramatically in recent years and continue to fall. Most of these technologies are either economically competitive or close to being so. Increasingly, effective government policies support investor confidence, and these markets are expanding.

Considerable progress is being made in the energy transition from fossil fuels to ecologically sustainable systems, to the point where many studies support 100% renewable energy. Renewable energy is derived from natural processes. It has various forms and can be derived directly from the sun or heat generated deep within the earth. There is electricity and heat energy generated from renewable energy resources.

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