How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Throttle Body

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A car engine requires a delicate balance of air and fuel for optimal performance. A throttle body is a part of the engine that regulates the flow of air required by the engine. The throttle body forces air into the combustion chamber, where it mixes with fuel and ignites to produce power. Learn how much does it cost to replace a throttle body.

A clean and efficient flowing throttle body maintains an ideal balance between air and fuel, which allows your car’s engine to reach its peak performance level.

Our engines are extremely effective at burning gasoline, but after time even they become dirty from carbon buildup on components such as the intake valves or pistons. In addition, there can be deposits from driving conditions such as stop-and-go traffic or dusty roads. This causes a very slight restriction in airflow through each port of your engine’s intake manifold. 

A dirty throttle body can also reduce your engine’s ability to take advantage of higher-octane gasoline that would otherwise improve your engine’s performance. Replacing an old, dirty throttle body with a new one can get things flowing normally again. That can improve your engine’s acceleration, fuel economy and emissions.

The cost for this on average is around $200-$500, but can be as much as a few hundred depending on the dealer and your vehicle’s make and model. We will break this down further below.

What Is a Throttle Body

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The throttle body is one of the most important parts of the engine because it uses air to start the combustion process which ultimately creates fuel and energy for an engine. Without this piece working correctly, less than normal amounts of fuel would enter into engines which in turn causes them not to work as intended. All manufacturers have specific maintenance schedules for their vehicles with different mileage intervals.

The throttle body is designed with curved tubes or ports that allow air to flow through them. This airflow is regulated by the throttle body itself, which in turn allows more or less fuel to be released from the injectors.

In summary, your throttle body works with other components in your engine such as the intake manifold and the sensors inside it to provide a safe environment for the efficient combustion of gasoline. For these reasons, proper care must be taken when servicing a car’s throttle body since its malfunction can cause dangerous driving problems that affect all aspects of car performance.

Average Throttle Body Replacement Cost

BBK 3501 Twin 56mm Throttle Body - High Flow Power Plus Series For Ford F Series Truck And SUV 302, 351

The cost to replace a throttle body on your car or truck will vary depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle that is experiencing problems. In most cases, a car owner will find that their throttle body is in need of replacement if they notice issues involving an overheating or an overheated engine

When it comes to replacement, the cost can be broken down into the following components that are required to get your throttle body working properly again.

Labor costs

The price quoted by your mechanic for labor is charged to replace a throttle body on your car. These often include other regular maintenance procedures performed at the same time. This cost is calculated per hour of labor and can vary depending on where you live, the type of vehicle, and the model being repaired.

A new replacement throttle body unit

Throttle bodies are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, performance levels, and types depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$500 or more for a high-end replacement throttle body for your car.

Parts costs

Most throttle bodies come with replacement parts for the air intake system, sensors, and more that are required to get these systems working as designed. These parts can cost anywhere from a few bucks to over $100.

In total, the cost of replacing a throttle body on a typical car or truck is going to be in the range of $300-$750, with an average being about $500.

8 Common Symptoms Of A Bad Throttle Body

If you notice any of the following problems with your engine, it’s likely that your throttle body needs to be replaced.

1) Rough running engine

The first sign that your throttle body is on its way out is often a rough running engine.

2) Engine overheating

If you notice your engine temperature goes through the roof after driving it, you may be experiencing problems with your throttle body.

4) No acceleration

One of the signs that your throttle body has failed is that your vehicle’s engine will not accelerate properly.

5) Loss of fuel economy

A malfunctioning throttle body can cause a dramatic drop in fuel economy as well as power loss from the engine.

6) Engine misses

If your engine starts to miss at various speeds, this could mean your throttle body is clogged.

7) Engine stalls

This is a very dangerous situation because it’s potentially caused by the air intake system being too restricted which could have dire consequences.

8) Check engine light comes on

If your check engine light comes on this is often caused by an electrical malfunction in the part.

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What Is Done during Throttle Body Replacement?

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When you take your car in to have a faulty throttle body replaced, the mechanic will typically start by carefully disconnecting all of the electrical connections that are attached to it. After that, they will remove the intake manifold which is held on with bolts and sometimes silicone gaskets. 

The new throttle body part then needs to be installed during which time they will go back over each connection attaching it back where it belongs. Once this service has been completed, the mechanic will perform a series of tests on your vehicle’s engine to ensure everything is working correctly before sending you on your way.

Is it safe to drive with a throttle body problem?

To be very clear, it is not recommended to drive a vehicle with a non-working throttle body. This can cause engine damage as well as other problems that can be dangerous and seriously affect the performance of your car.

Driving with a faulty throttle body also puts you at risk of getting into an accident because, without proper power or acceleration, your car will behave in unpredictable ways. 

The best thing to do if your check engine light comes on and you suspect It’s due to a problem with your throttle body is to have it looked at right away so you don’t do further damage to your vehicle. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your vehicle will need additional parts and services which could increase the total cost of repairs by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


So, when it comes to the cost to replace a throttle body, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$500 for this type of replacement. There may be additional costs involved if your car requires parts or other services as part of getting this crucial system working properly again so it’s best to have a mechanic diagnose the problem before going ahead and paying for repairs.

If you keep on driving a vehicle with a faulty throttle body, the cost for repairs will only continue to increase.

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