2000 HP, 300 MPH Dagger GT

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Introducing the Dagger GT, a new and exciting entry into the Supercar marketplace. If we are successful, we will be producing the World’s fastest street-legal car with the best price tag with a brand new niche for

Supercars of over 300 miles per hour and at a price tag of $1.5M USD. The Dagger GT will stand alone and be the ONLY car in this new niche. (This website will be updated continuously, so come back soon!)

Edgy and Beautiful:

We are also introducing a new beautiful, edgy shape by Ivan Luccion which has been in development for several years and was sold to us in 2010. Jim Carruthers and Tom Van Ryn converted Ivan’s concept into the digital 3D CAD design you see here. Don’t tell the gearheads, but the Dagger GT was featured in a Chinese ART magazine! Geeez.

​Dagger GT-SS Candy Apple Red Supersport

Dagger GT-SS Candy Apple Red Supersport

Show and Go:

We love good looking cars but we do not like “all show and no go.” As a result, we asked Mendeola Transaxles (top US transaxle builder) to custom-design and build a transaxle and drive axle exclusively for us, that can handle up to 3000 horsepower for our GT-D model!

2000 HP Engine:

Dagger GT 2000 HP Engine
Two years of research have resulted in a patented design of a unique 500 cubic inch, de-stroked, supercharged, billet aluminum engine loaded with Formula 1, NASCAR and US Military technology. We use cryogenics to harden a 9,500 rpm engine making 2000 HP on 118 octane racing gas. Rods and valves are shortened and made of fattened titanium. This engine will pass emissions in Europe with 8 small CARB-approved in-parallel catalytic converters, plus another CARB-approved device that almost eliminates emissions altogether (and increases performance).

Dagger GT 2000 HP Engine
Congratulations to ProCharger’s successful test of the world’s second biggest centrifugal F-3R-136 ProCharger, the F4, which hit 3,384 HP @ 7800 RPM on a 521 cid methanol motor. The impeller cranked out 56,000 RPM and 5400 CFM at 50+ PSI. Exciting video. A custom version of this F-3R-136 ProCharger (with intercoolers) will be featured on the Dagger GT 500 cid custom billet aluminum block 3000 hp Super-engine. This F-3R-136 ProCharger features variable boost controlled from the cockpit.

Custom 500 cid Aluminum Billet Block

Dagger GT 2000 HP Engine
Most of us count our horsepower by the hundreds of horses. If you’re a race car or engine builder, like the Dagger GT Team, who counts horsepower in the thousands, you’re not building with parts you bought out of a catalog. Engine builders at this level live in a different universe at the extreme top of the racing continuum. There’s only a handful of guys currently building horsepower at this level and many of those builders turn to Billet blocks for their added strength and durability. 500 cid Blown Billet blocks have routinely run under 3.8 seconds in the quarter mile and well over 300 mph in the same distance on nitro-methanol. Cast blocks could not hold together under these stresses. A finished and polished 6061 aluminum billet block is as much a piece of art as it is a racing component as shown above. CNC machines receive a CAD design and carve each block from a single 500-pound 6061 block of solid aluminum in a 40-hour process that takes the block down to 150 pounds of perfect high-performance, solid machinery.

The billet block is the block of choice in the fastest Pro Modified, Top Fuel, and other 3000 to 6000 horsepower vehicles. These are the fastest cars in the world and the Dagger GT engine borrows from this dragster technology subset, plus NASCAR and Formula 1 to build the greatest block and high RPM engine in the world. If you’re in need of custom options for making big horsepower – and we’re talking in most cases from the 2,000-plus neighborhood to over 4,000 – a billet block and matching billet heads produce a substantial technical advantage. When you’re making extreme levels of power, the billet block offers the best technology and materials available. Period. This is the heart and soul of the incomparable Dagger GT.

Cockpit Command Center:

Finally, our computer jocks have designed the ultimate virtual dashboard and central computer system. There are two small side-mounted screens displaying mirrored “blind-spot” images from the 2 side mirrors. The center console computer monitor automatically displays a rear view from a centered rear-mounted camera when you engage reverse gear. Otherwise this screen manages a wild infotainment system including navigation and all forms of entertainment. Three large dash monitors allow you to arrange your personalized assortment of beautiful gauges in any style and form you prefer, including horsepower, torque, RPM, boost and any other item in your engine management computer. You can also call up your engine management computer and reformat your engine settings including your fuel map, timing and other settings in case you want to race. Your cockpit command center (CCC) is like a combat information center and also includes variable ride height, suspension settings, traction control, fuel mix, radar scanner, laser countermeasures plus electric cutouts, so you can race, cruise or hotrod around town, based on your personal preferences.

Removable Hard Top:

We also offer a removable hard top with a handy electric garage winch which allows you to single-handedly remove the lightweight top and store it in the roof of your garage. Soft top coming later.

Luxury Model:

TranStar Racing also offers every luxury item known to man if it will fit. Vertical doors are standard as is biometric security and electronics. The biometric security system includes valet speed and distance limiter with automatic cell phone notification of anomalous behavior. Stolen car deactivation and location are standard.

Super Light Weight:

Finally, the body and frame are all space-age carbon fiber and the entire car will weigh about 2000 pounds. It will have the best horsepower-to-weight ratio in the world of Supercars. Because of this we expect to win in leading Supercar world titles.

TranStar Racing, LLC

Seeking: $250,000 USD

accredited investors only

Uses: for 300 mph Test car and full-size mockup car

Returns: $300,000 in about 1 year upon closing of phase 2 funding, plus 200% per year over 6 years

Top Fabricators:

We have selected the best of the best race car builders and fabricators in the world. These contractors include firms with Formula 1, NASA, US Military, Rocket-builders, Fighters, NASCAR and Defense contractor experience. These contractors provide the state-of-the-art in their respective fields and will insure we use the best technology and will produce the greatest car ever built.

Our Dagger GT-R:

Featuring our dynamic programmable split (L/R) rear racing wing and splitter. A more stylish rear wing is available for the SS sports car. The car also features a full bellypan, diffusers and twin Venturi tunnels for added downforce. Low frontal area and coefficient of drag equals low drag area for sleek, bullet-like aero.

Dagger GT-R in satin black and gold metalflake racing stripes

Record-setting Stopping and Cornering:

The Dagger GT-R also features the best racing brakes and stickiest, widest tires in the world for record-setting stopping and lateral G-force. The width and stance exceeds all competitors for the best cornering and best aerodynamics possible.

Top Racing Teams:

Our racing teams include Johnny Bohmer, current IMRA Standing Mile world record holder, Ron Main, current 4-time Bonneville record holder at 462 mph (Speed Demon), John Dean II, lap record holder, Sebring (2 classes), and R2B2 Racing, builder of Melanie Troxel’s world record Pro Mod dragster.